A small thought on Mother’s Day. 

I love being a mother. I truly do. It’s the best thing that I never knew I wanted to do. And the recognition on Mothers Day is fabulous. This year there were two bouquets of flowers, a clean house, and C cooked *most of* dinner tonight. For. The. Win. Celebrating a day for moms everywhere is lovely. 

But when the day is over, and the baby STILL wakes up at all hours of the night, and your husband (who was just SuperDad mere hours ago) simply grunts, farts, and rolls over leaving you to groggily make your way to the nursery to tend the babe, it can be, well, frustrating. 

Don’t let yourself go there, Mom. Because even though it seems like today is just the one day where your family makes the cards, and the breakfast in bed, and finally acts appreciative for five minutes, you ARE appreciated. I promise. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve written this next part, but it seems fitting. And if it helps even one mom who might be feeling disappointed with Mother’s Day nearing its end, then that’s enough for me:

I see you, sitting in the corner chewing your hair. I see you, hiding in the pantry in an effort to shovel something in your mouth (probably a cookie or chocolate of some kind) without having to share with your child just for once. I see you, quietly curse your husband as you get up to tend the baby for the third, fourth, fifth time tonight and he just farts and rolls over. I see you, Mom. And I feel you. Our jobs are HARD. And we all have our bad days. But don’t lose sight of the good, no, the great parts about what we do, too. Because I also see you when your baby reaches up and holds your cheek while you’re feeding him. And I see you when she reaches for mama when she’s scared, or fallen, or anything other than her blissfully happy little self. And I also see you smile as you rock that baby just a little bit longer before putting them down to sleep. I see you, Mom. And I feel you. You’re doing good. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 


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