Anybody else have a kid that just tells stories? A is notorious for this. I’ve actually started typing them down on my Facebook as soon as I can park my car so as to remember the hilarity. For example:

“Angus, Daddy’s not here so we’re having leftovers for dinner tonight.”

“What’s leftovers, Mama?”

“The food we had for dinner last night, again.”

*in a disgusted tone* “…oh…”


“I want to be a firefighter, and an astronaut, and a police when I get big, Mama.”

“That’s an awful lot of jobs, big man.”

“I can handle it.”

And I’m sure it’s funnier when he’s saying them, but the kid goes to pre school all day and I feel like I miss it. I spent the whole first 18 month of his life as his everything. He’s the funniest little dude, he has an amazing heart, and I love his randomness. A lot of that is just being four (and a half!) years old, but a big part of it is just A being A. And I just want to remember everything. 

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