Just a little stroll down memory lane

Ah, social media. 

It can build you up or kick you down in the most unexpected of ways. And those “Facebook memories”, man, those get me every damn time. 

Today’s was definitely on of my top 3 memories. Really probably third. Yeah, third. First is the day that the picture of C meeting A for the first time in his hospital bed pops up. 

Be still my heart. 

Second is going to have to be the day the picture of C, A and I meeting Prince Harry pops up. Not because we’re meeting Prince Harry (which I still think is still pretty cool for Americans. Maybe for Brits too, I don’t know.) but because A is maybe 8 months old, attempting to rip the prince’s hair out of his head, while I’m trying to pry his chubby little fingers away from his head while we all smile for the camera. 

My child is absolutely savage. I apologized profusely and he was super nice about it. I’m just surprised I didn’t get tackled by the security personnel with the stabby eyes behind me…

And third is today. Not because it’s wildly important to me (it was certainly impressive) but because it was like THE COOLEST thing that had ever happened to C. ESPN ran a story about him. In his head this means he hit the pinnacle of the sports world by reaching ESPN status. And truthfully, the article isn’t completely about him, by any means. It’s about an organization he worked with for fundraising for vets through sports. (I apologize for the vague explaination, I’m not sure I’m ready to give out a too much information just because, well, privacy, kind of. Maybe I’ll come back and post a link to the article when I’m feeling braver.) 

He was the happiest person when that article ran. And that’s what makes me happiest. He had a smile plastered on his face for daaaays. And that’s sort of the whole point of social media for me. I don’t like people, so I don’t really use it to talk to them. For me, it’s a scrap book for pictures of my kids, and the happy memories. 

Do you have a favorite “memory”?

3 Replies to “Just a little stroll down memory lane”

    1. I had thought so. I’m not sure there’s anything that quite compares since it’s really apples and oranges, but I figured it was sort of our equivalent of meeting a member of the first family here. Although probably not, since they’re beloved by Brits and with the president, they’re usually disliked by about half the American people.


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