I left it on the counter. Again.
I left it on the bedside table while I folded laundry. Again.
Somehow I managed to leave it on the windowsill in the bathroom. Again.
All the while chasing down the tiny humans that are the reason I brew the damned stuff to begin with.
I am forever drinking lukewarm coffee.

I've been MIA, I know. Life is hard. And writing simply wasn't #1 on the priority list.
Also, C and I have been having some pretty noteworthy binge watching sessions of Shameless that have really been my nighttime past time, but are you really keeping track?
Apparently you are. I actually went back and looked at my stats and I've had a pretty steady stream of visitors and readers despite my blatant disregard for this blog in the past few weeks, so I'm going to go ahead and say thank you guys for that one. It makes me ridiculously glad you're all enjoying the word vomit I attempt to pass off as writing. Mainly because that's really all I know.
I tend to have social media ADHD. I jump back and forth between the one that peaks my interest at that particular moment and sometimes just plain forget about all the rest.
I've been all about Instagram lately. That whole photography thing. Plus, it's getting to be then end up summer and the lighting at night is just so perfect.
Even my A and R are cooperating these days. So I'll take it while I can get it.
So if you're interested in seeing what else I do when I'm not here, Instagram is probably the place to do it. tribetodd for those that care to put a visual to my crazy ramblings.
Thanks for sticking with me, all.

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