Sounds Like a Personal Problem: Why I don’t care if logging on to your social media alerted you to GoT spoilers.

Pretty sure it goes without saying, but yeah, there’s gunna be some Game of Thrones spoilers up in here.

So, yesterday was my birthday. And the overlords at Home Box Office inadvertently gave me the best present ever. They aired the episode of Game of Thrones in which Arya Stark kills Petyr Baelish.

I, in my elation (and because he was a fucking prick), posted about it on my Facebook with the following status update:

“A collective ‘FUCKING FINALLY’ from literally everyone. Good riddance, Littlefinger. May you rot in hell. This was the best goddamn birthday present I could’ve ever asked for.”

I posted after the episode aired, that same night.

Fast forward to 4:30am in my attempts at coaxing R back to sleep. Casually perusing my Facebook alerts while she doses on my shoulder (there were way more alerts than usual, like I said, yesterday was my birthday) and then I see a new comment attached to my post.

To preface this, I’d had a comment earlier that a friend knew he shouldn’t have logged on because he knew he’d run into spoilers, but he wasn’t annoyed. More at himself than anything.

With this new comment I didn’t expect anything in particular. But what I read from a guy a very briefly dated in high school and have spoken to maybe once since was, “same, why post this the night of?!?”

Okay. Let me lay this down for you. I have opinions, absolutely. Everyone does. Duh. Let’s talk political for a second. Many of my opinions are NOT favored by my contemporaries. As a millennial, I’m expected to be a liberal, outspoken, feminist; you know, fight the patriarchy.

On the contrary, actually. I identify with much more conservative ideas. I do not consider myself a feminist (not because feminism is bad, because it’s not, but for reasons I can go into another time). I am, however, outspoken. Now, with this in mind, back to my commenter.

My reply to this man-child was this:

“While I am sorry that you didn’t watch in a timely manner, your lack of preparedness does not sentence me to silence. If you were not expecting there to be any information about the season finale of a cultural phenomenon like Game of Thrones somewhere in the bowels of your social media, it would appear that you do not understand the platform. Don’t like it? Don’t look. Easy enough.”

Seriously, people. It’s social media. By definition it is forms of electronic communication through which a user creates online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (thanks, Merriam-Webster).

The attitude that I am at fault because you ruined a show you like to watch for yourself after it’s already aired at the established day and time simply because you chose to log onto a social media platform prior to having viewed said show, annoys me to no end. And I get *SPOILER ALERT* warnings, I just think they’re unnecessary. As before, if you couldn’t get it together to watch at the date and time established by the airing network, that seems like a personal problem. Just don’t log on. There’s no law that says you need to check Facebook 37 times a day. Unplug. Don’t silence me simply because you can’t get your act together.

So, yeah. You probably guessed it. I don’t care that by choosing to log on to your social media networks, you ruined a show you like to watch. Not my couch, not my problem.

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